Galapagos Cruising

Visiting the Galapagos is a different style of cruising – only small boats are allowed, and the experience is unlike cruising as many people know it.

Most visitor sites are accessible only by boat, and these boats vary in size from 16 passengers up to a maximum of 100. All the excursions are included while on board. These tours specialize in up-close exploration, led by expert naturalist guides. A typical day can include shore hikes, swimming, snorkeling and often sea kayaking. The guides interpret the unique characteristics of each species, and how they have adapted to the conditions on each island. The animals have no fear of human presence.

We offer expert advice on the best boats, appropriate length of cruise, and most suitable island itinerary. We can also extend your stay, if you like to explore further from an island hotel. Most Galapagos itineraries last from 5 – 8 days. For those who like to Scuba dive, this is possible either from a livaboard, or an island hotel.

We will look after all tour arrangements, from your arrival into Quito, and flights out to the islands, and can extend your holiday to include options such as Otavalo and the Highlands, the Amazon, Mindo Cloud Forest, or South to Cuenca.